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Free UTA Rides for BYU

Image of BYU Students around a UTA bus.
Eligible employees, students, spouses, and dependents get free rides on local and express buses, UVX, FrontRunner, TRAX, the S-Line, Flex Routes, and On Demand by "tapping on and off" every vehicle with the BYU ID card.

More Information

Can I use the BYU app ID card for UTA?

No, the app ID card cannot be used for UTA. UTA reads the chip inside your actual ID card. Please don’t punch a hole in your card or damage it any other way or it will stop working for UTA. We are looking into a mobile-device credential that can work with UTA. We will notify campus when we have one available. It will not be soon so please be very patient, we are working on it.

How quickly does a new card start working for UTA?

It may take up to 48 hours before your card will get you free UTA rides. It’s usually much quicker, but depending on the time of year, the vehicle you want to ride, and other factors, please be prepared to pay with another fare within the first 48 hours, just in case.

My card isn't working for UTA—I get a red light. What do I do?

If you are eligible for free UTA rides, it’s been more than 48 hours since you got your card, and your card still isn’t working, please bring your card to the ID Center, 1057 WSC, 801-422-5082. Please remember, the BYU ID does not work on ski buses, the Park City Connect, or Paratransit vehicles.

When will the UTA pass stop working? When the card expires?

The UTA pass will NOT stop working when your ID card expires. The UTA pass will stop working when you are no longer eligible: a PT or FT employee, or a registered student.

Keep in mind, campus door access does stop working when a card expires.

Who is eligible for the UTA pass?


All current BYU Faculty. All current FT and PT BYU employees, ELC, Evening Classes, and SLC Instructors. Employees with a contract start date will not be eligible until the start date. Eligibility will end at the contract end date. Other DCE instructors or employees are not eligible.


All "for-credit" BYU students eligible to register for on-campus classes. Also Post Baccalaureate, ELC, Concurrent Enrollment, Visiting Students, SLC, and Evening Classes students registered for on-campus classes.

“For credit” means that the student will receive credit hours upon completion of the class. If a BYU student registers for Independent Study classes, audit classes, withdraws, or is considered a no-show for a credit class, the student will not be eligible for UTA rides.

A "registered" student is a student who is registered for classes during the current semester or term, or for a future semester or term. During spring and summer terms, continuing students who are not registered for current or future classes yet, but took classes during the previous winter semester, will be eligible to ride UTA with their BYU ID card.


How do my spouse and dependents get an ID card for UTA rides?

Please see our Spouse and Dependent ID cards page.

What other uses does an ID card have for a spouse or dependent?

Please see our Spouse and Dependent ID cards page.

What if I lose my ID card? Or my spouse or dependent loses their ID card?

Please see our Lost Card page.

Please email, call, or visit the ID Center if you have any other questions:, 801-422-5082, 1057 WSC