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Photo Submission

Now students and employees can submit an ID card photo you love! Please submit your new photo before visiting our office.

If you have not submitted a photo online and there are multiple patrons in the office, we may ask you to come back after submitting, or you may need to wait to have a photo taken until other patrons have left the office. Patrons who have submitted will be given priority.

• BYU must have your email address when you submit a photo. To add an email address, log in to MyBYU, select Update Personal Info, then Contact.
• If you are unable to submit a photo, please contact the ID Center:, 801-422-5092.
• If your photo is rejected, please review requirements and resubmit.

STEP 1: Take photos of yourself


government ID or expiring BYU ID.

Photo Requirements:

Meet all BYU Dress and Grooming standards.

• Take a NEW square or horizontal color, well-focused selfie. Do not edit it.

• The photo will be cropped to a square when you submit it - there must be space above your head with your full shoulders shown when cropped to a square.

• Stand in a well-lit space; outside on a cloudy day or inside with full/bright all-around lights; do not have light behind you. There should be no shadows anywhere on your face. The background will be removed when you submit the photo.

Try different camera settings, exposures or filters to compensate for indoor lighting. Avoid warm filters and lighting as these tend towards orange, yellow, or pink. Make sure you look like you.

• Stand directly facing the camera and look straight at the camera. This is an ID photo of your head and shoulders only. This should not be a headshot, graduation photo, candid photo, profile photo, etc.

• Use a natural smile or neutral expression with your eyes open.

• Wear glasses if needed but no sunglasses, headphones, or other distracting items.

• Head coverings are acceptable for religious or medical reasons only.

Janessa New Pics.jpg

New Students and Employees

must also submit a color photo of your government ID (driver's license, passport). Make sure it shows your picture, name and date of birth. Once we accept your ID photo, the image of your government ID will automatically delete from the system.

Returning Students and Employees

renewing an expired or soon to expire BYU ID card must submit a color photo of the expiring ID card instead of gov. ID. It must be the actual card, not a screenshot of the app. You will need to turn in the ID card when you pick up your new card.
If your card is lost, please submit a photo of the word "lost". Lost card replacements cost $10.

STEP 2: Submit your photos at

Upload steps

STEP 3: Get your ID card

15-30 minutes after you receive the "approved" email, visit the ID Center to have your ID card printed. No appointment needed. If you cannot visit right away, visit any day down the road at your convenience (

BYU ID cards are "valid for campus use only" and must be given to the cardholder only.
Lost card replacements cost $10 even if the card is expired.

Pickup Requirements:

You must meet ALL Dress and Grooming standards to get your ID card.
Please bring government ID when you visit the ID Center.
Face masks are required in the ID Center.
If you do not meet these requirements you will be asked to come back when you do.