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The BYU ID card is your official university identification. It is used to open doors, access Cougar Cash, meal plans and other campus services. You can also use the BYU mobile app ID for many campus services.

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Before visiting to get an ID card, please submit a new photo online - click here.
Students and employees getting an ID card at the ID Center December 1 - February 17 MUST SUBMIT AN APPROVED PHOTO ONLINE.

New students moving into BYU Housing for winter semester must submit an approved photo by December 10. You can pick up your card at the ID Center until 12pm Dec 21. After that we'll send it to your housing area and you'll get your card when you move in. So submit before Dec 10 and avoid waiting in line outside the ID Center in January!

Before or after required submission dates, please still submit your photo online. If you have not submitted a photo online and there are multiple patrons in the office, we may ask you to come back after submitting, or you may need to wait to have a photo taken until other patrons with any health issues have been assisted.

Employee, retiree and their spouse and dependent ID cards are available at the Benefits Office, D-240 ASB.

We support BYU Dress and Grooming Standards. Students and employees must meet all standards to get a new card or have a lost card returned. We don't like asking anyone to change and come back later - BUT WE WILL. Thank you for supporting Dress and Grooming Standards with us!

Spouses and Dependents

Eligible spouses and dependents, please visit at least one week before or after the start of a new semester or term. The ID Center will be focused on getting ID cards to new students during this time and you may be asked to wait until all students have been helped. Employee spouses and dependents can also get an ID card at the Benefits Office, D-240 ASB.

Family and Friends accompanying students

Please wait for your student outside the ID Center. We appreciate your help in keeping a clear path for students and practicing social distancing. Thank you!

BYU ID Center: 1057 WSC, Provo UT 84602 • 801-422-5092 •
Operating Hours