ID Card Services

Getting your First ID Card

The ID Center is located on the 1st floor of the WSC in room 1057, down the hall to the right of Studio 1030.  We encourage new students to get a BYU ID card shortly after registering for classes, before moving into the dorms and New Student Orientation to avoid lines.
New students must bring photo identification and meet all BYU Dress and Grooming Standards including the requirement for men to be clean shaven.
No photos (other than the ones we take) or video are allowed in the ID Center.  During New Student Orientation week, family and friends are asked to wait outside the ID Center to keep a clear path for students.  Comfortable waiting areas are located to the east and west of the ID Center.
A student's first ID card is free.  Replacement of an expired ID card is free, as long as the expired card is returned to the ID Center at the time the replacement ID card is produced.  Replacement of a lost or misused ID card costs $10.

Spouse & Dependent ID Cards

Spouses and dependents (ages 12-30) of all full-time credit students and full-time employees are eligible for a BYU ID card.
Part-time employee spouses and dependents may become eligible for athletic facility ID cards; please contact the Richards Building (801-422-3644) for more information.
All student spouses and dependents must meet Dress and Grooming Standards to receive an ID card and use campus facilities.  BYU exists to provide a university education in an atmosphere consistent with the ideals and principles of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. This atmosphere is preserved through commitment to conduct that reflects those ideals and principles. We appreciate your shared responsibility in helping us maintain these standards.
How to Get a Spouse or Dependent ID card:
     1. The student must visit the Records Office, B-150 ASB, 801-422-2631, with the spouse/dependent:
          a. Full name, including maiden name if applicable
          b. Date of birth
          c. Gender
          d. SSN for US citizens
     2. It takes 3-5 days to process. Please call the ID Center at 801-422-5092 before visiting. When visiting, the spouse/dependent should bring photo ID.
Spouse & Dependent ID card uses:
     1. Cougar Cash: deposit online at  Spouses and dependents do not qualify for tax-exemption.
     2. Library materials checkout (FT spouses and dependents only), Circulation Desk, 3443 HBLL.
     3. Athletic Facility use, 112 Richards Building.
The ID card is not an alumni membership card.  Contact the Alumni House at 1-800-437-4663, 342 HC (M-F 8-5), to request an alumni membership card.

Cougar Cash Support 

The ID Center offers customer support for Cougar Cash, BYU gift cards and most other campus cards.  The ID Center is the place to pick up Campus Courtesy cards, Creamery gift cards and Dining Services gift cards.
We do not provide support for Purchasing or Travel cards; please contact the Purchasing and Travel Offices for more information on these cards.

Meal Plan Support

If you have a question about a vending refund or another meal plan transaction, please contact us at 801-422-3866,, or 1057 WSC.  For questions regarding meal plan contracts, changes, policies, or cancelations please contact the Meal Plan Office, a division of Campus Accommodations, 100 SASB, 801-422-6944,
Meal plans can be purchased online thru MyBYU by selecting the My Dining Account link under the School drop-down menu.  Meal plans are charged to the student's Financial Account.  Please note the plan's start date, end date, and other important terms and conditions.  For more information on meals plans visit

Copy of your BYU ID PHOTO

You can have your BYU ID photo/picture emailed to you.  Please be aware, the photo is not accepted by the US government for passport or visa photos and may be very low resolution which will not enlarge well.
To have your photo emailed to you, email your request to  Please use 'BYU ID PHOTO COPY' as the Subject.  You MUST include a valid BYU ID number or Net ID AND your NAME.  We will only respond to requests that meet these requirements and are sent from an email address that matches your BYU record (in personal information).
We will charge your Cougar Cash $1 so please make sure you have $1 on your card.  We will email your photo in jpg format; the photo can be anywhere from 1 KB - 1 MB.
If you would like to print out your BYU ID photo, please take your digital copy to a campus copy center.

Specialized Cards

We encourage departments to use the BYU ID card whenever possible. We can help provide specialized plastic sleeves to be worn which hold the BYU ID card and will provide more information about your area.
In the event that it is necessary to create a specialized card, there will be a onetime setup fee of $200 to design the card and a $1.55 charge per card issued.
If you are interested in a specialized sleeve or card, please contact the ID Center 801-422-5092.