ID Center Hours

Regular Hours:

     Monday-Friday: 8:30am-5:30pm

     Saturday: 10am-2pm

     Closed Tuesdays for devotionals and forums 10:45am-12:05pm


Holiday/Special Hours:

       Thursday, August 13: 8:30am-2pm (closing early for Commencement)

       Wednesday, August  26: 8am-7pm

       Thursday, August 27: 8-10:50am, 12-6pm (closed 10:50am-12pm for NSO Convocation)

       Friday, August 28: 10am-6pm (closed 8-10am for NSO Devotional)

       Saturday, August 29: 10am-4pm


BYU ID Cards are also available in the Salt Lake Center library:

     Monday: 8am-7:30pm

     Tuesday-Thursday: 8am-10pm

     Friday: 8am-5pm

     Saturday: 8am-1pm

     Please see the SLC website or call for holiday hours,, 801-933-9421