Lost or Stolen ID Cards


Deactivate your Lost or Stolen ID Card:

Please deactivate your lost or stolen ID card right away to prevent someone else from using it:

  • log in to MyBYU
  • select the Cougar Cash and Meal Plans link from the Miscellaneous drop-down menu
  • click the red Report a Lost Card button in the upper right corner
If you find your card, you can active it by following these same steps.
You can also report your card lost using the Cougar Cash app (part of the Y app), by notifying a cashier at any Cougar Cash location, or by contacting the ID Center, 2310 WSC, 801-422-5092.
If your card was stolen and used please report this to both the ID Center and the University Police at 801-422-2222.
The ID Center will email you if your lost card is turned in.


Print a Paper Copy of your ID Card:

A paper copy of your ID card will allow you to access your meal plan or Cougar Cash at many dining and other retail locations.

  • log in to MyBYU
  • select Personal Information from the Communication drop-down menu under Campus Links
  • select ID Card
  • print - if you are printing on campus you must print in Cougar Creations (1st floor WSC) so the Cougar Creations clerk can charge your Cougar Cash on the register

Paper IDs may be used to purchase goods and services at most dining service locations, the BYU Store (3rd floor accounts desk only), and the Testing Center.  Your ID number will be hand entered by the cashier - transactions which are hand entered will access your funds while swiping a deactivated card will not.

Paper IDs are not accepted at Athletic facilities or the Harold B. Lee Library.

*NEW*  BYU now offers a digital copy of your ID card via the new Y app.  The Y app is available for downloading to Android and Apple devices.  Please visit http://home.byu.edu/mobileSuite/getIt.htm for more information.



Get a Replacement ID Card:


The cost to replace a lost or abused card is $10.  Our preferred method of payment is Cougar Cash.  We also accept cash or check.  We will accept an old ID card as payment if you turn in the old ID card at the time your new card is produced. We do not issue refunds if you find an old ID card later.

We recommend waiting approx. 2 weeks before replacing a lost ID card.  Lost cards are often turned in to the ID Center.  The ID Center will email you if your card is turned in.

 Please remember, you must meet all Dress and Grooming Standards to recieve an ID card (whether it's new or not)!

Replacement of an expiring/expired ID card is free if the expiring/expired ID card is turned in at the time the new card is produced.
Stolen cards will be replaced at no charge if a report has been filed with police (any police dept.).  You must bring the police case number to the ID Center. Patrons falsely reporting a stolen card will be reported to the Honor Code Office.
Transactions made on a stolen card that has not been reported lost or stolen may be the responsibility of the card holder.